Why Crosswalk?

Crosswalk Church – Round Rock, TX

ephesians bannerCrossWalk Church… the name of our church alerts us to some vital essentials about life with Jesus Christ.  If we look at the word “Cross”, we are reminded of the most important day in the history of the human race.  Approximately 2000 years ago on a hill outside of Jerusalem, God’s only Son… Jesus Christ hung on a Roman cross to die for the sins of all men.  Were it not for His death, none of us could have any hopes of living life in heaven with God after we die.  Jesus was not murdered; He literally gave up His life for us in order that we might live!  The Cross of Jesus allows us to have a true and meaningful relationship with Almighty God.  Jesus made a blood covenant for our sin on the Cross.  That Cross literally built a bridge to God for any person who chooses to place their faith and belief in Jesus Christ.  Our church family has identified the necessity of the Cross within our name in order that we might identify our love and devotion to Jesus Christ.  Our church is a family who joins together in ministry, missions, and worship beneath the power of Jesus’ Cross.  We set our eyes on the cross every day because it is the significance of that Cross that enables us to have life, joy, peace, purpose, and meaning within our homes, community, and workplace.

CrossWalk Church also communicates that a relationship with Jesus is similar to taking a daily walk with a dear friend.  Many people misunderstand the concept that a person can actually experience a “personal relationship” with Jesus Christ.  Yet, that is why Jesus chose to die for us.  He desires that we come to know God personally.  Jesus steps into our life with love, mercy, and grace.  Once we determine to exchange the control of our life over to Jesus, we come to know Him in a personal way.  No one has ever loved you as much as Jesus loves you.  Our daily walk with Him allows us to progress through life right in step with His determination and destiny.  This relationship is not for the sake of religion… it is instead for the purpose of a coming to know a friend who will be by your side at all costs.  We strive to walk in a manner that pleases God, that honors all people, and that enables others to see the radical difference that Jesus makes within a person’s life.  We have found that when we WALK through life with our eyes and hearts fixed on the CROSS of Jesus, we will enjoy life to the max.