Our Kid’s !

Crosswalk Church provides a fun, safe and gospel-centered program for children of all ages. We offer Sunday morning childcare for newborns and Preschools and Crosswalk Kids Time for Kinder through fifth grade.. We also believe hosting neighborhood block parties for families to attend and have fun is an important way of engaging our local communities, so don’t be surprised if you see us in your neighborhood! On Sunday mornings you will find that we aren’t babysitters. We want your kids to experience the life-changing truth of Jesus Christ. Through age-appropriate games and activities, we believe that kids can learn the same concepts and lessons as adults. No need to dumb it down! Most of all, it is important that your kids have a fun, positive experience because a life in Christ is one filled with joy! We anticipate the Crosswalk Kids’ Leaders having as much fun as the kids! Thank you for the moments you give us to spend with your children. It is a joy and a privilege to work with young individuals as they begin to understand God’s plan for their lives. We take safety very seriously at Crosswalk and all of our adult volunteers and leaders have completed training through Ministry Safe for child abuse prevention. We also do background checks on our adult volunteers, quarterly training that adult and teen volunteers attend and clear policies in place to ensure that children receive our best while in our care. We have a Sunday morning check-in and check-out system and protocols in place so that children are protected to the best of our ability. We want you to have the peace of mind knowing your child’s safety is important to us.

What to Expect on Sunday Mornings

When you arrive, head to the check-in station to drop off your infants, preschoolers and elementary kids before Worship starts. We have three areas: Nursery, Preschool and Elementary Kids. When you check in your child, they receive a name tag with a special code imprinted on it and you get a sticker that contains the same code, that you will present to the staff when you go to pick them up. Only adults are allowed to pick up kids after Worship. The breakdown for the different areas is: Nursery for Infants & toddlers who are not walking Preschool Friends – Walkers to 5 years old Crosswalk Kids Time – Kindergarten through 5th grade. We have 2 worship times: 9:15 and 10:50 and offer childcare at both for all 3 areas listed above. We have coffee and donuts at 10:30 in between the Worship times as an opportunity for fellowship. If your kids are going to eat, have them do so before you check them in, so they can stay in our area until Worship is done. This ensures that you have confidence that the kids won’t be leaving our care until it is time!

Crosswalk Kids Time: Elementary Age Kids

We offer Crosswalk Kids Time for elementary age kids during Worship. CW Kids TimeThe kids sing worship songs, learn a bible story, do a craft or activity and have free play time where they can play with Legos, color or play a game. Many of our worship songs are from Seeds Family Worship, which puts bible scripture to song with fun melodies. You can learn more about Seeds Family Worship at http://www.seedsfamilyworship.com/ When kids recite a memory verse or answer certain questions, they earn a prize from our Treasure Bag. It is filled with goodies that rewards them for their hard work. We use the Explore the Bible: Kids curriculum from Lifeway. It is a book-by-book based study that offers interesting Explorer Videos to teach the lesson and a free app for the Iphone, Ipad or Ipod Touch where kids can interact with other features related to the lesson, play games and study their memory verses. Learn more about Explore the Bible Kids at: http://www.lifeway.com/Explore-the-Bible/c/N-1z13wmcZ1z0zrd0. During the summer, we offer a Lego Camp VBS, Neighborhood Bible Clubs and more. We hope your kids will join us for our activities and bring a friend!

Crosswalk Kids: Preschool

We love Preschoolers and all the energy they have! On a typical Sunday morning, your preschooler will play with toys, sing songs and listen to a Bible story. One of the reasons kids love our preschool room is because they can see horses and ducks from the window. Please make sure that your child has washed their hands or used the hand wipes immediately before entering the room. We want to reduce the exposure to germs and to any allergens (i.e. food particles) to ensure the safety of all. We have trained workers and teen helpers that will make sure your child handles the adjustment of being without you, but if for some reason they fill its necessary, they will come get you from Worship. A few key policies we have in place:
  • Teen helpers only assist adults. They are never left in charge of kid without an adult and they do not take kids to the restroom.
  • Only adult women take Preschoolers to the restroom.
  • All kids wash their hands/use hand wipes before entering the room.
  • We don’t give food or drink (besides water) to the kids. This removes any chance of triggering an allergic reaction in other kids who might have a particular allergy and keeps the childcare worker from having to distract the other kids who don’t have food or drink.

Crosswalk Kids: Nursery

We offer a nursery for infants and toddlers who are not walking. If you aren’t ready to leave your newborn, please feel free to bring your baby into the room, if you need to breastfeed or calm them down. There is an intercom in the room so you can still hear the sermon and worship music. We have a baby bed, changing area and couch. Feel free to go into the room, even if there isn’t a nursery worker. If we don’t have any babies, we encourage our workers to go to Worship.

Wednesday Night TeamKid

TeamKid (Pre K – 5th grade) meets at Crosswalk on Wednesday evenings at 6:30

Crosswalk Kids Leadership

Stephanie Davis, Jill Betts, Brenda Robles, Nicole Lopez
For More Information about Crosswalk Kids, Contact crosswalkrr@gmail.com